Competitive Strengths

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We believe that we possess the following strengths that will benefit our customers and differentiate us from our competitors:

We derive synergy from the integration of operations

We are able to tap on the combined network, strengths and resources of our various business segments. Given the integration of our air-conditioning and switchgear operations, we share the same pool of customers who are mainly property consultants, M&E consultants and contractors, and the electrical contractors, as well as potential referrals from property developers, contractors, project managers and building owners.

Hence, our customers only need to deal with us, as one party, for a wide range of their needs. Management and logistics issues related to having to engage multiple suppliers or services providers are substantially reduced.

In addition, with our combined expertise, resources and track record, we are able to pitch for bigger projects at more competitive bids, and to provide a better range of products and services from design and planning, air-conditioning systems installation, electrical wirings, mechanical and electrical switchgears and switchboxes, to after-sales services.

We provide a comprehensive product range and integrated solutions

We provide a comprehensive product range and integrated solutions to cater to the differing needs of the various market segments including residential households, condominiums, offices, schools and commercial buildings. We are able to handle the complete scope of work from manufacturing and fabrication of certain components, sourcing to installation to maintenance, repair and replacement, upgrading of air-conditioning systems and switchgears.

Our timely response to the needs of our customers

We place great emphasis on our services to customers. With a fleet of more than 65 motor vehicles currently, and our ability to cross-refer or to tap on the resources and expertise of our various business segments, we are able to provide efficient and timely services. Our response time to any customers' call is typically within the business day or the next business day if such calls were received in the later part of the day. In addition, our service personnel carry tools and equipment with the capability to provide typical maintenance, repair and replacement. If such tasks are complex and require nonstandard components or parts, we may be able to obtain such components or parts from our Trading business unit. If ordering of such components and parts is necessary, we are able to shorten the delivery lead-time through our good and on-going working relationships with our various suppliers.

We have been certified by independent accreditation authorities

We adopt strict quality assurance and control measures in our manufacturing and service process to ensure consistency and reliability in our products and services to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We have been awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification by AJA, accredited by UKAS. In addition, our Switchgear business unit has been awarded SQC accreditation certification administered by SPRING Singapore. Some of our switchgears have been certified by ASTA and PSB.

We achieve economies of scale

As we offer a comprehensive range of services and products to the various market segments, the scale of our business through our various business units is large compared to our many competitors. There is constant utilisation and replenishment of stocks to fulfil various operational needs. We are thus able to achieve economies of scale through the quantity and consistency of our purchases to fulfil the requirements of our various business units for our operations. We believe that this allows us to remain cost competitive and provides us with a competitive advantage over other competitors.

We have an experienced senior management team

We are led by a senior management team of industry professionals with extensive experience in the industry, with at least 12 years of experience each. Their knowledge, business network and strong business network capabilities are vital to our continued growth and development.

We have an established track record

Through the years since our establishment, we have successfully grown our business and completed many commercial projects. We are able to leverage on our past track record to continually compete for and secure commercial projects, and realise future growth for our business.

The number of our customers for all our business segments that we serve each year has been increasing, from 4,065 in FY2002 to 5,626 in FY2005. For this current year until the Latest Practicable Date, we have approximately 2,852 customers.

We have established close relationships with our suppliers

Since our incorporation, we have established close working relationships with our suppliers. Today, we are the authorised dealer and a major stockist for various brands of air-conditioning systems and electrical components. In addition, we often collaborate with our suppliers in advertising and promotion campaigns, launches and roadshows. Through such activities, we are able to enhance and strengthen relationships with our suppliers. As a testimony of our good rapport with our suppliers, we have received various awards over the past years.

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